PRIME Punnet PNG 100 For Extended Shelf Life Of Sprouts!

Sprouts are known to have an average shelf life of approximately 4-5 days. To ensure this shelf life the product needs to be stored at very low temperatures such as 5-10 degree Celsius. If stored at a higher temperature, the sprouts begin to decay very quickly.

PNG 100 (L x W x H = 115 x 115 x 40) is specially designed for the packaging and storing of sprouts. This punnet is characterized by air holes which have been strategically placed on both the top of the punnet. The top of the punnet has multiple 5mm holes for ventilation, while the bottom of has 3mm holes, which allows proper air circulation and keeps the sprouts fresh and free from decay. These holes also allow excess moisture to escape the pack to help the sprouts to retain their original texture for a longer time. These packs remain free from condensation and look extremely attractive when out on display.

These punnets are made using PET sheet, which is a lightweight yet sturdy material and extends the shelf life of the product without altering its nutritional value. The sprouts can be stored at lower temperatures such as 14-17 degree Celsius, and still, have an extended shelf life of 5-7 days.
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