AVI Global Plast joins India Plastics Pact to create a circular economy for plastics in India

We are proud to announce that AVI Global Plast has recently become a member of the India Plastics Pact, an initiative developed by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and WWF India. As a company, we are committed to discovering innovative ways to reduce plastic waste and pollution while also generating economic opportunities through waste management and recycling.

The primary goal of the India Plastics Pact is to create a circular economy for plastics in India, which is in line with the UK’s Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s vision and objectives. This foundation collaborates with businesses, government agencies and educational institutions to establish a circular economy framework that promotes regenerative design.

As a member of the India Plastics Pact, AVI pledges to make a difference by aligning with the Pact’s four ambitious and time-bound targets. These targets, envisaged to be achieved by 2030, are as follows:

  • Eliminating unnecessary and problematic plastic packaging items through innovation and redesign;
  • Making all plastic packaging reusable, recyclable or compostable;
  • Boosting the recycling of plastic packaging by at least 50%; and
  • Ensuring that at least 25% of the plastic used in packaging is recycled content.

Joining the India Plastics Pact is a significant step for AVI in establishing a circular economy for plastics in India. Together with the Pact’s signatories and the wider plastics industry in India, we are optimistic about achieving the Pact’s goals and creating a sustainable future for the plastics industry.

At AVI, we have over a decade of experience producing certified, food contact-approved recycled PET films and punnets. These are made up of up to 100% recycled content verified by Intertek, a global auditing and certification company, and are also ESFA, REACH, and USFDA approved, ensuring verifiable compliance, quality and safety. Additionally, we offer ocean-bound plastic (OBP) punnets certified by Control Union and Zero Plastic Oceans, to double up our customers’ sustainability credentials beyond rPET compliance.

As the momentum for more recycled content gains worldwide momentum, we have invested in developing a proprietary traceability platform called AVI Trace, which shares chain-of-custody documentation and certifications to validate every step of recycling, from collections to the final punnet.

At AVI, our expertise and technical abilities in developing sustainable packaging solutions will undoubtedly contribute to achieving the Pact’s goals and establishing a circular economy for plastics in India. We hope that our dedication to the Pact’s objectives also inspires others in the industry to take responsibility for their impact on the environment.