How Efficient Post Harvesting Can Be A Game-Changer For The Strawberry Business

Milkshakes, jams, syrups, cakes, chocolates or just by them, strawberries are a classic fruit savored by all. However, making sure they reach the tables’ fresh is a task more herculean than it can be thought of. The Indian Institute of Foreign Trade states that about 60% of food quality is lost in the supply chain from the farm to the final consumer in India.

Strawberries are commercially cultivated both for immediate consumption and for processing as frozen, canned, or preserved berries or as juice. Due to the perishable nature of the berries and the improbability of mechanical picking, the fruit is generally grown near centers of consumption or processing and where sufficient labor is available.

Strawberry is a no climacteric fruit and its short storage life and strategic sales in the market after harvest had compelled researchers to utilize technologies like cold storage, modified atmospheric packaging, controlled atmospheric storage, different packaging systems, fumigation with nitric oxide, and diversified chemical treatments across the supply chain to preserve fruits for a longer time.
Packaging is an important part of the fresh produce supply chain and effectively aids in increasing the shelf life while making the transportation easier and reducing damage to the produce. The type of packaging chosen also greatly impacts the sales numbers and profits for the wholesalers and retailers. Cardboard and plastic have been the preferred choices for strawberry packaging. While plastic as an option is questioned on its environmental impact, properties of cardboard tend to contradict the very purpose it can be used for.

Susceptibility to moisture, odor and weak branding make cardboard a not-so-efficient option. With years of expertise, AVI Global Plast has developed a wide range of punnets for various products, especially strawberries. The punnets come in 12 different sizes allowing for single layered, double layered or fresh cuts placement. The passage of cold air through the holes shortens the pre-cooling time and makes more uniform cooling. With the rightly sized holes for ventilation and ample space for branding AVI punnets offer unmatched benefits. Being made from 80% recycled waste, the question on environmental impact is resolved.

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