Consumer Preference Towards Packaged Fruits and Vegetables Amidst Corona Virus

The Coronavirus pandemic has posed a severe health problem globally. This health crisis has placed a special emphasis on the need to take extra precautions when it comes to hygiene and safety.

With the ongoing crisis, a new emerging trend with regard to packaging is that of grab-and-go options. To limit possible exposure to the virus, consumers are running lesser grocery errands and trying to complete their grocery shopping as quickly as possible. Therefore, retailers are looking for solutions that help make the consumer’s shopping trips easier, more efficient, and more convenient.

Consumers have been staying clear of unpackaged or ‘loose’ products especially in the fruit and vegetable sector at supermarkets as they begin to realise it is less hygienic and could put their health at risk. Keeping all this in mind, it is now important more than ever to pack fruit and vegetables to address the changing preferences in the market.

Packaging fresh fruits and vegetables with AVIs PRIME Punnets

AVI PRIME punnets are specially designed and formulated for the packing of fresh fruits and vegetables. Let’s have a look at the other amazing benefits these punnets offer:

Promotes Hygiene: When dealing with a health crisis like coronavirus, hygiene becomes a priority and, as a result, packaged fresh products are increasing. Consumers are on the lookout for products that go through minimal human touch and pre-packaged fruits & vegetables are the solution to this problem.

Enhanced Product Lifespan: Given the perishability of fruits and vegetables, supermarkets need to ensure the freshest produce for their customers. AVI PRIMEpunnets have a special air-ventilation feature that improves air circulation and promotes respiration, thereby ensuring a longer shelf life, wider geographic distribution, and brand exposure to a larger audience.

Food Safety: AVI PRIME plastic food packaging products are certified safe under BRC, REACH & other food-safety certified norms.

Sustainable: AVI GLOBAL PLAST manufactures a 3-Layer PET using90% recycled content and layers it in virgin layers. With the help of its own r-PET extrusion, AVI can make PET sheets while producing 80% less post-consumer waste which means our products are environment-friendly and low on carbon discharge.

Attractive Presentation: With the help of punnets the packaged product remains clearly and tastefully visible. Our products are highly customizable and can be manufactured with brand logos, labels, barcodes, and product information on the lids.

Versatile: At AVI we offer a wide range of punnets in various shapes and sizes to suit the requirement of various fruits and vegetables. We cater to various packaging needs by offering various qualities of film for fruit & vegetable applications that offer all kinds of aeration, printed or unprinted, and with or without anti-condensation effect.

Circular Economy: AVI PRIME plastic food packaging products are 100% recyclable. With our 100% recyclable films and packaging as well as our responsible recycling practices, we contribute to the circular economy.

To stay relevant in such trying times, it is important to listen to the needs of the market and your customers and adapt the offer to the changing requirements. Even though we are in the middle of a health crisis, people will still want access to healthy food products like fruits and vegetables. To bring healthy products to the customers, manufacturers have to choose the right packaging options and leverage on the advantages it offers so that it can continue serving its consumers at this time.

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