AVI launches 3-in-1 PET airtight containers for cut-fruits

For cut fruits stored in a refrigerator or carried on-the-go, falling prey to unhygienic handling, premature decay or in-transit spillage is a common challenge. Recognizing the need for a more protective and environment-friendly solution for cut fruit packaging, AVI Global Plast has introduced an innovative range of PET airtight containers. What sets it apart is the added functionality it provides to dually address unique needs of brands and consumers.

All New AT 114 – Multi-Purpose Storage with Unique Shelf-Appeal

AT 114 is designed to offer premium shelf-appeal while keeping cut fruits and vegetables airtight & hygienic. It can be used in multiple ways – as an open-top tray, a heat-seal container or even as a separate top and bottom container. In this way, three different product formats are packed into one unique and multi-functional storage solution.

Fresh Fruit On-The-Go

The new PET food container is extremely beneficial for today’s health conscious consumers as it helps them enjoy fresh fruits and maintain a healthy diet more conveniently. It’s airtight feature enables safe and hygienic packaging of fresh fruit and other food products. Consumers can easily store and carry fruits without having to worry about spoilage or spillage problems. From a sustainability perspective, AT 114 helps in reducing food waste and increasing overall food security.

Round-up of Special Features 

  1. Separate top lid & bottom tray for multi-functional utility
  2. Enables easy storage & stacking on retail counters
  3. Protects against food wastage & spillage while commute
  4. Made using clear transparent material for enhanced visual appeal
  5. Environmental-friendly, made of 90% post-consumer waste
  6. Suitable for MAP packing with gas flushing and heat sealing, as required.

AT114 containers are available in four designs of varying heights – 46 mm, 58 mm, 82 mm & 112 mm – as per closed punnet dimensions, to give customers a wide range of choice. Other suitable applications include dry fruits, desserts and Indian sweets.

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