AVI Global Plast earns ISCC PLUS certification, strengthens its commitment to the circular economy

AVI Global Plast, India’s trusted manufacturer of recycled PET sheets and thermoformed packaging solutions, is pleased to announce that it has been accredited with ISCC PLUS, an international sustainability and carbon certification.

This milestone offers substantial benefits to our customers. The ISCC PLUS certification employs the mass balance method of calculation to trace the flow of recycled materials throughout AVI’s value chain. “By tracking the quantity and sustainability characteristics of our circular packaging, we will enable partners to source authentic materials based on verifiable bookkeeping, thereby reinforcing the credibility of their recycled content claims,” says Akhilesh Bhargava, Managing Director, AVI Global Plast.

Opting for an ISCC PLUS-certified supplier like AVI reassures customers that they are choosing environmentally-conscious packaging solutions that align with their own sustainability goals. This assurance is especially crucial for brands and businesses operating in international markets, where the verification of sustainability claims is becoming increasingly mandatory.

AVI’s ISCC PLUS accreditation adds to its track record of excellence in sustainability initiatives. The company already designs PET sheets and thermoformed packaging solutions with up to 100% recycled content, verified by the globally recognised audit company Intertek, and offers recycling-positive labels for consumer awareness, exemplifying AVI’s dedication to reducing pollution, promoting circularity and encouraging better end-of-life outcomes for valuable plastic. Other accreditations include the Ocean Bound Plastic Recycling Certification and the Global Recycle Standard (GRS), which further demonstrate AVI’s adherence to both sustainability and ethical benchmarks.

To revolutionise the way its customers adopt recycled packaging, the company has also introduced AVI Trace, a proprietary platform that enables full traceability and end-consumers to access detailed information about the journey of recycled packaging—from the collection of waste PET bottles to the finished products—through QR codes affixed to the final packs. This transparency initiative sets AVI apart and reinforces its position as an industry leader in sustainability.

As AVI continually advances its sustainability certifications and initiatives, we remain committed to driving positive and measurable change within the industry. We also stay keen on continuing to innovate and lead the way in circular packaging solutions.

About AVI Global Plast:

As India’s trusted manufacturer of recycled packaging solutions, AVI Global Plast serves clients across six continents, including consumer goods, electronics, food, fresh produce, textiles and healthcare industries. With over 25 years of entrepreneurship, technology adoption and sustainable thinking, the company strives for operational efficiency, food safety, product protection and plastics circularity.

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