AVI Global Plast is a packaging company based in India. With over two decades in the plastic packaging space, AVI has evolved from becoming a proprietary company to a multi million dollar professionally managed company.

AVI has carved a niche for itself in the packaging space by constantly evolving and innovating its product offering to keep abreast with the global trends. AVI has revolutionized the rigid packing space with the introduction of its specially formulated r-PET films. These films are produced using up to 80% washed, post consumer PET Bottle waste, which helps in providing an environmentally safe and sustainable option. Apart from being sustainable, r-PET has a lower carbon foot print which creates a positive impact on the companies at a micro level and the world on a macro level. The material is produced in a 3-layer structure with virgin PET resin on the outer layers and the bottle waste in the middle, ensuring conformance to global food contact requirements.

Apart from this AVI has notched up its sustainability and environment safety commitment by introducing its "PRIME" range of Punnets and Trays to cater to the Fruits & Vegetables Industry. These Punnets are manufactured using in house produced r-PET films. The Punnets are designed to ensure safety of the contents and also the unique feature of its air venting system allows adequate airflow, thereby improving the shelf life of the produce. AVI is focused on increasing its presence in this space to contribute to whatever extent possible to reduce the immense food waste currently happening in the country.

With changing times the AVI product portfolio would continue to evolve, most certainly adding value to the environment, with the core objective of continuing to make this world a better place to live in.


Exhibiting at Fruit Logisitica Berlin, 2017

Exhibiting at Fruit Logisitica Berlin,2017

CobelPlast appoints AVI Global Plast as its Indian distributor for its range of Rigid Barrier Sheets






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