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Tamper-resistant & Tamper-evident Clamshells

With AVI Secure+ range of premium tamper-evident clamshells, give consumers visible reasons to stay assured about your food quality and hygiene. Our designs enable an inward, fully airtight closure for inhibiting tampering while helping products retain freshness, offer leak-proof convenience and prevent mishandling along the distribution chain.

AVI Secure+ clamshells also feature an in-built tamper-evident lock that stays embedded in the container once opened, alerting consumers that the container has been opened and eliminating the need for similarly functioning tear off or wrap around labels.

Our Products

TE 300/8

Size (L x W): 145 x 128 mm

Height: 40 mm, Weight: 15 gm

Volume: 8 oz / 250 ml

TE 300/12

Size (L x W): 145 x 128 mm

Height: 50 mm ,Weight: 16 gm

Volume: 12 oz / 370 ml

TE 300/16

Size (L x W): 145 x 128 mm

Height: 65 mm,Weight: 19 gm

Volume: 16 oz / 480 ml

TE 750/20

Size (L x W): 189 x 145 mm

Height: 50 mm, Weight: 23 gm

Volume: 20 oz / 600 ml

TE 750/24

Size (L x W): 189 x 145 mm

Height: 60 mm ,Weight: 25 gm

Volume: 24 oz / 700 ml

TE 750/32

Size (L x W): 189 x 145 mm

Height: 72 mm,Weight: 30 gm

Volume: 32 oz / 900 ml

How it works

Features & Benefits

Fool-proof security



In-built Tamper-evidence

Safe & Hygienic

Lesser pack waste

High clarity

Superior stacking

Eliminates safety tapes

Airtight & Leak proof

Meets recyclability criteria

Responsible & Quality-Focused Manufacturing