Keep Consumers Informed and Trusting

Research from all over the world shows one common pattern: Consumers have the desire to switch to sustainable lifestyles and purchase choices. However, the same people are increasingly growing aware of misleading sustainability claims, referred to as greenwashing.

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To rule out consumer distrust and the belief that all green claims are ‘just a scam’, regulators are making manufacturers, brand owners and retailers more accountable towards ensuring authentic and transparent communication of their positive environmental actions.

By choosing AVI Global’s recycled content verified by InterTek, businesses have opportunity to validate and accurately communicate their product packaging composition by giving a break-up of pre-consumer and post-consumer materials, using a mass-balance approach and ISO 14021:2016 environmental labelling standard.

We are ready with 30%, 80%, 90% and 100% rPET sheet or thermoformed packaging grades, each offering a trust mark or label to prove your commitments towards business sustainability, consumer safety and not just talking the talk but walking the talk.

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Trays, Clamshells, Blister Packs, Lidding, Binding Covers, Box Making, Printing & Graphics

Technical specifications:

Width: 1200
Thickness: 150 – 1500 Microns
Colour: All Clear, Translucent & Opaque Colours


  • Recycled content verified by InterTek’s Sustainable Recycled Content Programme
  •  Compliance with international standards for food-contact safety and quality
  •  Proof of sustainability claims for verification by regulators and consumers
  •   Use of descriptive environmental label mentioning depending on amount of recycled for consumer education
  •  Ready with 30%, 80%, 90% and 100% verified rPET offerings
  •  Supports ESG ratings through reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, renewable energy, virgin resources
  • Savings on expensive testing costs