Verified Recycled Content by InterTek

Keep Consumers More Informed and Trusting

Research from all over the world shows one common pattern: Consumers have the desire to switch to sustainable lifestyles and purchase choices. However, the same people are increasingly growing aware of misleading sustainability claims, referred to as greenwashing.

Why Should You Care

By choosing our recycled packaging solutions verified by InterTek, businesses have an opportunity to validate and accurately communicate their recycled packaging compositions to consumers through eco-labels that give a break-up of recycled materials used in designing our recycled PET-based packaging sheets and thermoformed offerings.

Verified RC Certification Highlights

InterTek determined the recycled content percentage by performing a mass balance calculation on the overall product weight with supported documentation from suppliers and an onsite factory audit.

InterTek Verified Recycled Content program authenticates materials using definitions consistent with ISO 14021: 2016 Environmental labels and declarations – Self-declared environmental claims.

Features & Advantages

Made with PCR bottles & industrial scrap

Certified by Intertek for verified eco-claims

Fully traceable recyclates

Lower CO, footprint

Thickness range: 150 to 1500 microns

Superior clarity, tone & intrinsic viscosity

Up to 30%, 80%, 90% & 100% rPET

EU, REACH, EFSA & USFDA compliant

Colors: Transparent, Translucent, Opaque