AVI Global manufactures high-quality GAGPET composite sheets to offer comprehensive packaging properties and performance. We leverage our decade-long technical expertise and experience in co-extrusion technologies to combine the advantages of two PET grades, APET (Amorphous Polyester) and PETG (Amorphous Co-polyester) into one solution.

Applications Served

Blister Pack

Box Packaging

Medical Packaging

Features & Benefits

Co-extruded 3 ply PET film

Best suited for sealing & Eto sterilization

Super clarity & machine processability

Combines cost advantages of APET with surface properties of PETG

APET in middle layer & PETG in outer layers

Available as GRGPET with rPET resins in middle layer

Thickness - 150 to 1500 microns

Width - 50 to 1500 mm

Responsible & Quality-Focused Manufacturing