ESD Sheets

As one of India’s trusted ESD sheets manufacturers, AVI Global offers coated anti-static sheets or static dissipative sheets in APET and rPET materials to protect sensitive electronic components from damage caused by static charge. Our ESD sheets prevent the build-up of static electricity through optimal static dissipation and surface resistivity properties, maintaining no electrostatic migration to the surface of any sensitive electronic component.

Applications Served

Printed circuit boards



Computer hard disks

Memory modules

Mobile components

Assembly kits

Features & Benefits

Sustainable & reliable ESD safety for sensitive electronic items

Choice of APET or rPET ESD sheets and trays with anti-static coating

ESD sheet surface resistivity range between 10^6 & 10^9 Ω/square meter, as per ASTM D618

Available ESD sheet colours include clear, black & white

Custom material gauge from 0.3 to 1.5 mm

Enables electrical conduction even in low relative humidity conditions for maximum product protection

Responsible & Quality-Focused Manufacturing