GRS Certified rPET

Trace your Waste - From source to packaging

With each batch of AVI’s recycled packaging, get a full overview of chain-of-custody, documentation and certifications, right from waste collection to a new package. We are on a mission to introduce radical transparency in the circular economy for meeting regulatory compliance, consumer safety and brand integrity needs

Specification Card:


Trays, Clamshells, Blister Packs, Lidding, Binding Covers, Box Making, Printing & Graphics

Technical specifications:

Width: 1200

Thickness: 150 – 1500 Microns

Colour: All Clear, Translucent & Opaque Colours


  • Recycled content verified by InterTek’s Sustainable Recycled Content Programme
  •  Compliance with international standards for food-contact safety and quality
  •  Proof of sustainability claims for verification by regulators and consumers
  •   Use of descriptive environmental label mentioning depending on amount of recycled for consumer education
  •  Ready with 30%, 80%, 90% and 100% verified rPET offerings
  •  Supports ESG ratings through reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, renewable energy, virgin resources
  • Savings on expensive testing costs