“AVI is an established manufacturer of Punnets and Trays under the brand “Prime”.

Prime punnets and trays are specially designed and formulated for the packing of fresh fruits, vegetables & eggs. These finely crafted punnets are produced using r-PET Films and are designed to not only provide safety to the fresh produce but also help increase its shelf life.

With its own r-PET extrusion AVI can make the sheets while producing 80% less post-consumer waste which means that our products are environmentally friendly and also low on carbon discharge.


Horticulture & Poultry products are highly perishable and susceptible to climatic conditions, decay, and distribution hazards. AVI offers a wide range of Punnets and Trays in various shapes and sizes to suit the requirement of various types of produce.

Prevents bruising & physical injury to the produce

Prevents microbial contamination & deterioration

Provides ventilation for gas exchange to allow respiration

Protection against moisture loss

Keeps food fresh for longer

Convenient to use

Enjoy aesthetic & branding possibilities

Optimal Protection

Punnets have air-holes that improve air circulation and promote respiration, ensuring a longer shelf life.

High-Quality Materials

AVI punnets are made of r-PET films, which meet the stringent requirements of product safety, making them completely safe for food storage.


Punnets are 100% recyclable. Therefore with responsible recycling practices, the environmental impact of punnets is extremely low.

Attractive Presentation

Punnets are highly customizable and can be manufactured with brand logos, labels, barcodes and product information on the lids.

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