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AVIFOOD - Films For Food Packing

AVIFOOD is a special grade of Films manufactured by AVI GLOBAL PLAST for packaging foods for longevity. These superior films are produced under rigorous quality standards conforming to ISO2200, BRC IOP. Packaging in the form of clamshell and trays for takeaway, fat foods and single-portion packaging has become hugely popular and common, not just in developed countries. Due to its economies, transparency and barrier properties, AVIFOOD is the preferred choice for packaging food products across the globe. Packing food products in packages made of AVIFOOD films ensures long-lasting, longer shelf life, better colour retention and superior protection. Excellent moisture and gas barrier properties ensure minimal spoilage and long life. Above all AVIFOOD range of films are made using 100% food made raw materials in compliance with EU Directives 2002/72/EC (and subsequent updates) as well as REACH norms for material intended to come in contract with food items.

AVIFOOD is available in both Mono layer and Multilayered structures.

Besides, AVI will be happy to develop any special structure that may be required for your products safety and longevity.

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