aviform films for thermoforming


General Purpose Films For Thermoforming

In today’s day & age of modern retail visual appeal of a product on the shelf is usually the decision- making factor for the customer in a supermarket, mall etc. In the milieu of a wide range of similar products calling out to the customer, clear, transparent packaging has become a necessity for most products. For ensuring durable and aesthetically appealing retail packaging applications. AVI Global services the packaging and thermoforming industry with its specially formulated and manufactured AVIFORM range of Films. The necessity of protecting the consumer’s product while generating shelf appeal demands the quality of AVIFORM Films. Whether you are producing clamshells, face-seal blisters or contoured shapes, AVIFORM films deliver brilliant clarity, superior protection, and the convenience of a single, impact-resistant package.

AVI Global offers its AVIFORM in

AVIFORM is characterized by the following properties:

  • Excellent clarity & transparency
  • Excellent thickness control
  • Excellent formability (normal & deep-draw packages)
  • Superior sealing
  • Excellent impact strength
  • Cold-crack resistant for exports to low temperature countries
  • Smooth cutting
  • Higher processing yields
  • Option of Anti-Static Films

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